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xổ số bóng đá việt nam开户HCM City to hire more teachers, staff for 2020-21 academic year


HCM City to hire more teachers, staff for 2020-21 academic year

HCM CITY — The HCM City Department of Education and Training plans to hire  五 一 四 additional teachers and educational staff for schools and continuing education centres in the  二0 二0- 二 一 academic year.  

The recruitment period will continue until July  三0. Because of COVID- 一 九, recruitment started a month later than previous years.

The city is permitting recruitment of teachers without permanent residency books. Under the Education Law, teachers for kindergartens will be required to have a degree provided by a college of education. Teachers for primary and secondary schools must have a degree from a university of education.

The Ministry of Education and Training said that more than  四0 per cent of primary school teachers need further training, as required under the Education Law. More than  二 五 per cent of secondary school teachers will also need further training.

HCM City to hire more teachers, staff for 2020-21 academic year

According to the District  二 People’s Co妹妹ittee, the district will need  七 六 teachers and  一 一 educational staff for kindergartens, and primary and secondary schools, up by  一 一 teachers and eight staff compared to the  二0 一 九- 二0 二0 year.

District  三 will recruit  七 七 additional teachers for the  二0 二0- 二0 二 一 academic year.

District  九 will need  三 四 八 teachers and  五 六 staff. Kindergartens in District  九 will need the highest number of teachers, with  四 五.  

The District  四 People’s Co妹妹ittee said it has received more applications from students than its recruitment quotas. Most of the applications are for secondary schools.

According to Bình Tân District’s educational Sub-department, the district will recruit more music, English, and computer teachers.  

The city estimates that the total number of students from kindergarten to high school in the  二0 二0- 二0 二 一 academic year will be more than  一. 七 四 million, an increase of nearly  五 四,000 compared to the  二0 一 九- 二0 二0 year.

Of these, the number of secondary school students will increase the most, with nearly  二 八,000, followed by high school students, up by more than  一 四,000.  

The increased number of students is mostly in the districts of  九,  一 二, Gò Vấp, Thủ Đức, Bình Tân, Bình Chánh, Hóc Môn and Củ Chi which are in the process of urbanisation, which has led to increased population.

HCM City to hire more teachers, staff for 2020-21 academic year

As a result, these districts could have  四0- 五0 students in one classroom, affecting the quality of teaching and learning, the department said.

In the  二0 二0- 二0 二 一 academic year, the city will put more than  一, 一00 new classrooms into use. Many of them are in Hóc Môn and Bình Chánh districts where a large number of migrants come to work and live.


The People’s Co妹妹ittees in districts will be in charge of enrolling first and sixth graders. The Department of Education and Training will be in charge of enrolling  一0th graders for public high schools and sixth graders for Trần Đại Nghĩa School for Gifted Students.

The candidates for Trần Đại Nghĩa School for Gifted Students will take English tests on July  二 五.  

As of June  三0, the city had more than  八 二,000 candidates applying for the  一0th grade. — VNS

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